Talk about the production process of universal milling machine

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Talk about the production process of universal milling machine

Universal milling machine production needs to go through many steps and a number of tests, the following I will come to a detailed description.

First, the casting blank into the factory through the material inspection: (1) size inspection; (2) material inspection; (3) appearance inspection. Qualified before they can enter the processing link. Parts of the processing must be in accordance with the processing technology to produce, to ensure that each component can be qualified to enter the assembly shop.

Then, scraping. It is very important to scratch the parts, scraping a good decision to determine a machine tool accuracy, feel, durability and so on. When we produce a universal milling machine, we need to ensure that there are 8-12 points per square inch for scraping parts. This milling machine is produced in the use of lubrication in order to be guaranteed.

To complete the above steps can enter the part of the link. In the installation to ensure that each component can be in place, every detail is very important. Such as bed loading, gear meshing, and transmission noise. If any one part of the problem, can not enter the machine together. The gear part of the universal milling machine is very complicated, only experienced technicians can be completed.

Machine tool can be qualified after the milling machine fit. When the milling machine is fit, the connection part of each part is the most important. This is also the most important part of the universal milling machine production. This is also on the universal milling machine production of the first few links is the basis for accurate judgments.

Once the milling machine has passed the preliminary inspection, it will enter the paint shop.

After painting can enter the machine state, which is a business in the production of universal milling machine is the details of the link, including a variety of inspection steps. Machine hardness inspection, hardness to reach 38-48; precision inspection and so on.

Any one of the details of materials should be elegant. And even cooling pipes must be strict requirements, cooling pipe inside the steel wire to be durable, not aging.

Universal milling machine production process is basically completed, we ushered in the customers’ inspection. Through field testing, the customers presented several details. We seized the time for the rectification, the customers are very satisfied with our products.

Before leaving the factory inspection.

Packaging delivery.(As the pictures show)

Through the strict norms of the production process to produce products in order to obtain market recognition. So that customer satisfaction is our greatest satisfaction.