Why do you need to scraping when producing universal milling machines?

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Why do you need to scraping when producing universal milling machines?

In the process of producing universal milling machine, scraping is essential,but why? Scraping need to use a small scraper or with a circular fine scraper, knife marks about 4mm, the average research point every 25mm*25mm should be 8-15 points, commonly used in inspection tools, precision rails and close contact with the tool surface scraping. Scraping effect: First, for the beautiful; Second, there is the function of the accumulation of lubricants. Common patterns are: oblique pattern, Yan-shaped pattern and fish scales and so on. In addition, by observing the integrity and disappearance of the original pattern to determine the degree of wear after the plane work.

In the production of universal milling machine, we need to scratch the rail surface treatment. Mentioned above the scraping with the role of oil storage, which can reduce the friction when the machine table movement. Now many milling machine manufacturers, in order to save time using a large number of polishing machine to reduce the time to scraping. From the appearance of looking at the top like scraping out, but the use of polishing machine processing from the universal milling machine accuracy and service life is much smaller than the manual processing out of the machine tools.

The role of scraper: scraper is scraping the use of tools for workers, the workpiece for processing. Red lead powder role: the red lead powder evenly coated on the scraping of the workpiece surface, and use it with the plane back and forth pull, and then observe whether the points evenly scraping, and every 25mm*25mm scraping out how many points.In the process of producing universal milling machines, scraping is essential and needs to be given enough attention.