Tips of simple universal milling machine repair

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Tips of simple universal milling machine repair

Today, let’s talk about how to check and repair if there are some small faults in universal milling machine. Because most of the faults are inside the machine tools, it is difficult to see them intuitively, which brings us some difficulties in checking the #UniversalMillingMachine.

First, the machine body check. Mainly to check whether the universal milling machine spindle is loose.Remove the cover plate of the spindle box and use a screwdriver to pry it out of the slot of the lock nut until the power is turned off. Then, use the return iron, do not live in the main shaft, adjust the nut on the main shaft bearing with a screwdriver, so as to reach the tightness. Sometimes it is necessary to check whether the gears are damaged or not, and carefully eliminate all the faults that may occur in the milling machine.

Second, universal milling machine circuit inspection:

1, the same type of contactor coil can be replaced according to the existing conditions, and the contactor can also be replaced.

2, if the winding or resistance is very small, should be judged as the contactor coil burned, can be replaced according to existing conditions of the same type of contactor coil.

3, in case of disconnecting the power supply, use the multimeter resistor to measure a set of normally closed contacts of the spindle speed change switch.

4, press the operation button, use multimeter resistor files to test whether SB1 and SB2 are reliable, find out which button is not connected properly, or press not to access.

5, carefully check the universal milling machine control circuit, the joints are burned or because of vibration caused by poor contact, check a joint contact is not good, to re compression joints.

6, in the case of disconnecting the power supply, you can also use the multimeter to open the contactor arc cover, with a screwdriver handle, make the contactor closed movement artificially, and then test the contactor KM3 self-locking point whether it can be closed.

The above is my experience in universal milling machine troubleshooting Of course, the machine tools usually need good maintenance to maintain the normal working state, which can not be ignored.