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The view of mother’s back

By Qingming Gao (CEO of Tengzhou Sanzhong Machinery Manufacture Co.,ltd)

May 14, 2017 is a #Mother’sDay, a great festival. The reason why it is called for the great festival is because the mother’s greatness. Mother gave us life and nurtured us. Only mother’s love is selfless, do not seek return, and mother can give her everything and even life for her children.

Early in the morning, I bought two boxes of honey and drove to my mother’s house. My mother and I live in two different cities, but no matter how busy I am, I always go home. Every Sunday, mother would stand in front of the balcony waiting for her children to go home. Every time I see the view of my mother’s back, I can remember many memories. Mother’s figure has been strong and straight, but now it has become a curved back.I always think of a song “where did the time go”: in front of the tree in the wood and long bud, flowering, life saved a lot of words, hidden in the white haired…… Where have all the time gone? Not a good look in your eyes just spent half a lifetime, it will only face wrinkles……

Although my parents are already 86 years old, but still very hard-working, every day is not idle. Look at my mom’s garden. There are pomegranates, walnuts, apricot trees, and all have already turned out.Even if there were only a few strawberries, my mother would have to wait for the children to come back and have a taste. This is her happiness. Do you taste sweet when you come back? Even if it is not sweet, we will say it is sweet, so we can see our mother’s contented smile.

I said to my mother: “you work very hard, don’t plant again, and you should enjoy the blessing.” Mother always says, “we grow vegetables and fruits, so you can eat fresh food when you go home.”

I think that’s what my parents think. They always want to leave the best for the children. There is an old saying in China: “son wants filial piety, but kisses not.”. It means that now go to filial piety parents, do not regret for yourself. Filial piety culture is needed in the world. Wish the parents of the world healthy, long life and happiness!