Will the universal milling machine be eliminated?

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Will the universal milling machine be eliminated?

Here are some of my friends’ questions on social media, I summarize here.

Friend asked: Do you think universal milling machine will be eliminated?

Answer: Yes, a product will not be eliminated first look at this product is not there are market demand. If a product has no market demand, then this product will certainly be eliminated.

Friend asked: If the universal milling machine was eliminated, then the manufacturers of these products do not collapse?

Answer: No. For any one product is not just a milling machine, enterprises according to market changes to change the product structure or performance to meet market demand. In addition, companies will continue to take the initiative to transform the product, so that products continue to upgrade to guide the development of the market.

Friend asked: According to your judgment, do you think the development of universal milling machine will continue for many years?

Answer: I’m sorry, I can not answer this question. A development of things will always go through a historical process. Like human life, God created mankind, but the length of each person’s life is not the same, there are external factors also have their own problems. Like some countries and regions, the average life of about 50 years old, and some countries the average life expectancy can reach 70-80 years old. I think the product will be the same reason. Human beings will not perish for so long because mankind is evolving. I think a product can only continue to develop innovation will have lasting vitality.

Many products are not necessarily competing with the peer caused the product out, there may be the development of other industries to obliterate the product. For example, the development of digital cameras caused the film market has shrunk dramatically, and now the digital camera because of the development of smart phones caused by the market has become precarious.

Friend asked: Will you have a universal milling machine development?

Answer: Yes. Our company from 1999 to develop the first universal milling machine, we every year according to customer requirements and market demand for the development of new products. At present, with the development of industrial 4.0, automation, intelligent degree is getting higher and higher. The machine can replace people’s work and will work with humans.

Friend asked: Do you say that the future machines will replace mankind?

Answer: This question can not answer. My personal point of view is not. If the machines are replaced by people, then what should man do? I have to work tomorrow, next time we chat again.We are currently seeking excellent engineers to cooperate to help us develop better products. Cooperation and win-win is our philosophy. Starting from the universal milling machine, we discussed other issues. Thank you for your concern.

Notes: May 6, 2017, at 1 am.