Tips of simple universal milling machine repair
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主轴锥孔Spindle taperISO50
主轴中心至铣床导轨距离Difference from spindle axis to guideway(mm)250-750
卧轴中心高度Horizontal axis middle height0-480
工作台尺寸Table size1630*360
工作台行程Table travel1200*320*405
主电机Main motor 5.5kw
进给电机Feeding motor1.5kw
主轴转速Spindle speed60-1800
走刀速度Feeding speed10-2000
外包装尺寸Overall dimensions(mm)2000*2200*2250
净重/毛重N.W/G.W (kg)2950/3200

  1450B is in 1450A on the basis of a transformation, transformation of the bed and arm connection part to enhance the overall stability of the end milling, feed part of the use of servomotor drive stepless speed, the middle slide extends to 1200 to improve the stability of the worktable. The X direction travel can reach 1200. The 1800X360 can also be lengthened according to the customer’s request to meet the different customer’s demand