What is a universal milling machine? How so much!

Do you know how the development of vertical milling machines has gone through the process?
An accidental chance to trigger the transformation of vertical milling machine!
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What is a universal milling machine? How so much!

Universal milling machine can be split vertical universal milling machine, horizontal universal milling machine and vertical&horizontal universal milling machine. Initially we call the multi-purpose milling machine universal milling machine, and some countries to vertical milling machine called universal milling machine, also has a horizontal milling machine called universal milling. Different countries on the universal milling machine understanding of different, why different machines will have the same name? The milling machine was first made by the American E. Whitney in 1818 to create a horizontal milling machine. In order to milling the spiral groove of the twist drill, the American J.R. Brown created the first universal milling machine in 1862, which was the prototype for the milling machine.

I am specialized in the production of universal milling machine for 33 years. At work, I often run into such a customer, want to purchase universal milling machine, we recommend him after the relevant products and he does not match the need. Some customers do not have the required milling machine pictures and information so it is difficult to determine the type of milling machine.

For example, a Russian customer and a German customer need the same product, the German customers eventually purchase the right product. But the Russian customers do not know whether it is language unreasonable reasons, according to the translation of the final decision to purchase a turret milling machine. There is an Indian customer came to my company that in order to find me with three years. I’m sorry to see this friend. Asked him the demand, he said the need to process a multi-angle vertical universal milling machine, the main feature is the use of multi-angle, the product must be a clamping, while processing two planes, and also need a groove. At that time customers because of financial reasons can not purchase
high prices of machine tools. We spent 45 minutes tothe customer with a turret milling machine to transform a milling machine, is the turret milling machine on the basis of the increase in the horizontal milling function. Is our product X6325W. At that time the customer was pleased to order 12 machines. This program not only in the case of insufficient customer funds to meet customer needs, but also to solve the technical problems. This is our first universal milling machine. We call it a vertical turret milling machine.

Here I will briefly introduce this product.1, there are vertical milling and horizontal milling function; 2, vertical milling head is Taiwan milling head precision high speed is also high; 3, vertical milling head can rotate about 90 degrees before and after rotation 45 degrees; 4, Before and after the table, the left and right four directions can be automatically feed; 5 up and down can also be installed lifting system. The general vertical milling machine is to install some special accessories to achieve the horizontal milling function, the same some horizontal milling machine is also through special accessories to achieve the function of vertical milling. But these special accessories have the same shortcomings, that can not be used as a main function, can only be used as a subsidiary. This is the most critical.

Vertical and horizontal dual-use universal milling machine to solve the above deficiencies. It gives full play to the advantages of vertical milling machine and horizontal milling machine, power, torque, in the processing and production played a significant role. Most us
ers tend to use more than one machine, saving money. Not only that, this vertical and horizontal universal milling machine can also be transformed into economic CNC milling machine, coupled with high-precision screw can achieve machine automation.