Do you know how the development of vertical milling machines has gone through the process?

CNC Transformation of Vertical Milling Machine (Continued)
What is a universal milling machine? How so much!
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Do you know how the development of vertical milling machines has gone through the process?

From simple milling machines to simple CNC machines, and then to CNC machine tools, the development of vertical milling machines has been going on for decades. From the

vertical milling machines

Figure 1 Ordinary Vertical Milling Machine(Hand-painted works)

ordinary machine to

CNC automation, it can be said that the mechanical revolution milestone, but also an important part of human progress.

Ordinary milling machine on the operation of the technical requirements of workers is high, and CNC milling machine on the technical requirements of people becomes very low. On the one hand CNC milling machine to reduce the labor intensity of the operator; on the other hand CNC milling machine processing of the workpiece standard uniform, the installation of the next step to provide a convenient, but also shorten the matching process of the workpiece.

CNC machine tools coupled with the knife can be transformed into a machining center, to meet a workpiece processing a number of processes at one time. While the ordinary milling machine in this regard can not meet the requirements.

vertical milling machines

Figure 2 Machining Center

After 2000, in the machining center based on the transformation into the turning and milling complex machining center, but also to meet the needs of both the workpiece needs to be cut milling requirements. It combines the functions of milling machines and lathes to meet the needs of high precision, multi-type work, for mechanical development is a leap.

Figure 3 Turning and Milling Complex Machining Center