The development of universal milling machine (continued)
A lathe automatic feed of the elevator milling machine
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LM1450C Universal lift milling machine

Technical field The utility model belongs to the ordinary milling machine, which involves the optimization and upgrading of the structure of the bed, the slide, the ram, the universal milling head. Background technique At present, the domestic milling machine presents many varieties, many styles, but the overall rigidity of the machine is not ideal, processing range is limited, processing is not flexible, poor machine stability. The universal rotary milling machine body of the invention can realize the multi-angle machining completely, the processing flexibility is increased and the processing range is greatly increased. The multi-stage gear transmission of the ram box can realize multi-stage speed change and can meet the requirements of various processing speed. The contents of the invention In view of the above shortcomings, the utility model provides the improvement measures. Can make the milling machine to maximize the processing advantages. The technical scheme of the utility model is a universal rotary head milling machine, which comprises a base mechanism 1, a pillar mechanism 2, a lifting slide mechanism 3, a swing slide mechanism 4, a table mechanism 5, a ram box mechanism 6, Mechanism 7, rocker arm and operation panel mechanism 8, distribution box mechanism. Characterized in that the pillar mechanism 2 is located above the base mechanism 1 and is fixed with six screws. The lifting and lowering carriage mechanism 3 is supported by a rectangular dovetail and fixed to the pillar mechanism 3 by means of a pressing plate which can be moved up and down on the column guide rail by a vertical guide rail driven by an elevating screw. The rotary carriage mechanism 4 is fixed to the lifting carriage mechanism 3 by means of a dovetail fit, and the rotary carriage is fixed together with the lifting slide through the press plate, and the rotary carriage can be moved forward and backward by the horizontal screw drive. The table mechanism 5 is fixed to the swivel slide 4 by means of a 55 degree swallows fit and the longitudinal extension of the table is achieved by means of a longitudinal screw. The rambar mechanism 6 is fixed to the pillar mechanism 2 by means of a 55 degree dovetail fit, and a rectangular groove is formed in the sliding end of the ram, and the linear rack is fitted and engaged with the groove through a gear shaft fixed to the upper end of the column. mobile. The universal milling head mechanism 7 is fixed to the ram mechanism 6 by means of a rotary disk. The utility model has the advantages of: 1, pillar body 2 through the modification of a more oil tank body, you can easily achieve oil storage lubrication function. The overall height of the column to achieve Z to increase the trip to increase the scope of processing. 2, lifting the slider body 3 as a whole lengthened, so that Y to increase the stroke, processing range increased. The swing carriage mechanism 4 is divided into upper and lower parts by means of four T-bolts connected to each other and can achieve around 45 degrees rotation, so that processing range and processing capacity greatly enhanced. 3, the table body 5 lengthened, so that X to increase the trip to achieve the scope of processing increased. 4, the sliding box mechanism 6 adopts the gear transmission form, there are multi-level gear drive can achieve 12 speed, the bottom of the slide box has a vertical motor connected to provide power, greatly increasing the processing flexibility, fast and stable Sex. The lower part of the box through the 55-degree dovetail way with the column, in the dovetail surface with a rectangular groove, inlaid with a straight rack, fixed by the top of the column in the gear shaft and the meshing of the ramps to achieve the front and rear movement. 5, universal milling machine body 7 with the mutual cooperation of the two can rotate each other through the 90 degrees of a pair of chrysanthemum bevel gears to achieve transmission, can achieve any angle of the processing needs of space, convenient and flexible processing. The universal head is fixed to the front end of the ram by means of a connecting plate which connects the gears in the ram box with the gears in the universal head through a spline shaft. 6, rocker arm with multi-section steel pipe welding molding, through the square flange fixed in the top of the column behind. Operation box with 45 degrees backward tilt produced, beautiful appearance, the top through a flange and rocker connection. Bakelite U-type fixed in the lower part of the operation box, easy to drag and drop operation. 7, the distribution box is the entire machine tool power supply system, the use of electrical components fixed to galvanized steel plate, the entire electric plate fixed in the iron distribution box, the distribution box by bolts fixed to the side of the column. Description of the drawings Figure 1 is a schematic diagram of the utility model Figure 2 for the ram structure diagram Figure 3 for the universal head diagram Figure 4 for the rocker and the operation panel mechanism