The development of universal milling machine

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The development of universal milling machine (continued)
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The development of universal milling machine

Universal milling machine is because of the function and more named, the earliest is from a former Soviet Union,  named XW6232, was introduced in the 1950s . China later thought this product sales , have been gradually eliminated, because the machine operation in the cumbersome and bad operation .The market is not recognized. And then there are Zhejiang machine tool production, to change the original structure of the subject of a simple smart and re-recognized by the market. With the development of the market and diversification of this product, has not been good in the market . We triple the machine in 1986 after the upgrade and gradually promote the product development process : I (Qingmin Gao) in this industry for working 35 years, after the market survey , I found why the development of universal milling machine has been bad, the reason is very simple that we originally produced the product and did not consider the needs of the market and the technical staff just consider their own ideas. We do some analysis: universal milling machine must be taken into account the function of multi-purpose but also to take into account that every function should be able to be convenient, accurate, durable can not only consider the full range of functions and give up in a function of his unique Use effect. Just the original universal milling machine did not take into account , the main problem of this product. For example: universal milling machine horizontal milling function, the design only consider this phase function but ignores the processing needs. Because it is a cantilever structure, it is difficult to achieve the user’s demand in the processing because there is no support point and thus poor stability to produce the work piece accuracy is not high.

After we visited a lot of customer . They response to our predictions completely consistent. So I led the technical staff to do some transformation. On the basis of the original we have added an independent horizontal milling function, his drive is a motor through the pulley under the transmission to the gear part and is independent of the gear speed mode, high precision and easy to use to solve the original accuracy is not high use inconvenient problem.

This product name is XQ6226W, and applied for a patent: (patent number :201320748753.1).

We are based on the principles ofhuman mechanics to install a centralized operation panel.

We alsoon this basis to increase the plug function can achieve the purpose of milling and milling the work piece so that a real machine can achieve a multi-functional needs.

This universal milling machine : we achieve a major breakthrough, the next step we have in the processing data to increase the greater breakthrough. We are a professional production of universal milling machines and research enterprises , we form their own products, for using this technology , a lot of companies to imitate us, then we will be continued to reinvent universal milling machine and lying on the universal milling machine to do more in-depth coverage.