Shaper Machine BC60100
High precision lathe CQ6132A
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Shaper Machine BC6090C

Maximum cutting length(mm)900
Maximum table horizontal travel(mm)600
Maximum distance from ram bottom to table surface(mm)450
Maximum table vertical travel(mm)400
Dimensions of table top surface(L×W)(mm)900×400
Travel of tool head(mm)150
Swivel of tool head(°)±60°
Maximum size of tool shank(W×T)(mm)22×30
Number of ram strokes per minute(mm)0.25-1.8
Range of table power feedStepless
Max loading weight on worktable(kg)200
Speed of rapid travel of tableHorizontal1.57


width of the T-slot for center positioning(mm) 18
Power of the main motor(kw)4
Power of the motor for rapid travel of table(kw)0.75
Overall dimensions(L×W×H)(mm)2670×1350×1600

Product Advantage

  • Reliable function.
  • High rigidity.
  • High precision.
  • More durable.
  • Shaper machine is designed for cutting flat and formed surfaces on various kinds of small or medium sized workpiece. It can also be used to cut surfaces in special shape if equipped with a special vice or a dividing head and it is suitable for single piece and small batch production as well.

    The main cutting motion of the shaper machine is linear motion being converted from circular motion of gears by link bolck mechanism. With smooth transmission. Short over run and less consume of power, the shaper machine is easy to start and stop.

    If being provided with a tool lifter, the machine table can obtain rapid motion in vertical and horizontal direction. The shaper machine, with pleasing appearance and stable accuracy, can be operated and maintained conveniently.