Shaper Machine BC6090C
High precision lathe C6241D & C6246D
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High precision lathe CQ6132A

Technical parameters:

High precision heavy duty industrial lathe
Center height180mm180mm202mm202mm
Max.swing over bedΦ360mmΦ360mmΦ400mmΦ400mm
Max.swing over carriageΦ200mmΦ200mmΦ245mmΦ245mm
Max. swing over gap540mm 585mm
Effective gap length200mm200mm
Center distance750mm/1000mm
Width of bed330mm
Spindle boreΦ46mm/52mm
Taper of spindle boreM.T.#6
Range of spindle speed25-1600rpm
Max. travel130mm
Taper of insideM.T.#4
The power of main motor3/4.5kw
Range of metric number30kinds 0.4-20mm
Inch35kinds 80-
Diametric pitch30kinds 160-3 D.P.
Module25kinds 0.25-10mm
Feed change138 steps
Long feed per spindle rev0.04-2.15mm
Cross feed per spindle rev0.02-1.08mm
Packing size2290/2575mm×1100mm×1465mm
Lathe Machine Accessories:

Standard accessories:Optional accessories:
·Lighting equipment·Driving plate
·Coolant equipment·4 jaw chuck with adapting flange
·3 jaw chuck with adapting flange·Face plate
·Reduction sleeve·Steady rest
·Oil gun·Follow rest
·Full length splash guard