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Shaper Machine BC60100

Model BC60100
Maximum cutting length(mmin)1000
Maximum table horizontal travel(mm)800
Maximum distance from ram bottom to table surface(mm)400
Maximum table vertical travel(mm) 380
Dimensions of table top surface(L×W)(mm)1000×500
Travel of tool head(mm)160
Swivel of tool head(°)±60°
Maximum size of tool shank(W×T)(mm)30×45
Number of ram strokes per minute15、20、29、42、58、83
Range of table power feed(10 steps) horizontal(mm)0.3~3
(8 steps)
Rapid feed of tablehorizontal(mm)3
Width of central T-slot of table(mm)22
Motor Power(kw)7.50
Overall dimensions(L×W×H)(mm)3640×1575×1780

Product Advantage

  • Reliable function.
  • High rigidity.
  • High precision.
  • More durable.
  • Shaper live ram for horizontal linear reciprocating,rotary turret can be multiple angles in the vertical plane,and manual feed table with the workpiece for intermittent motion horizontal or vertical feed for machining plane,ditch slots and dovetail surfaces,etc.,can also be used for processing forming surface,the use of live reciprocating cutting tool is fixed on the machine on the platform of the workpiece.