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Shaper Machine BC6050

Max.shapping length(mm)500

Max.range of the borizontal movement of the table(mm)525
Max.distance between the ram bottom and table(mm)370

Max.length of the vertical movement of table(mm)270

Dimensions of table top(L×W)(mm)440×360
Max. stroke length of the toolhead(mm)120
Max.swivel angle of the toolhead(°)±60°
Max.section of tool(W×T)(mm)20×30
Number of ram reciprocation per minute(NO/min)14-80
Range of table feedHorizontal0.2-0.25 0.08-1
Speed of rapid travel of tableHorizontal0.95 0.38
width of the T-slot for center positioning(mm)18
Power of the main motor(kw)3
Overall dimensions(L×W×H)(mm)1900×1200×1450

Product Advantage

Shaper live ram for horizontal linear reciprocating, rotary turret can be multiple angles in the vertical shaper, and manual feed table with the workpiece for intermittent motion horizontal or vertical feed for machining shaper, ditch slots and dovetail surfaces, etc., shaper machine can also be used for processing forming surface, the use of live reciprocating cutting tool shaper machine is fixed on the machine on the platform of the workpiece
  • With a good design, the shaper machine is characterized as reliable preformance, but easy operation and maintenance.
  • This shaper machine is designed for cutting flat an formed surface on various kinds of small or medium sized workpiece.
  • Shaper machine Tool head can be swivel ±60° and manually feed.
  • The main cutting motion of the shaper machine is lineat motion being converted from circular motion of gears by linkblock mechanism. Special suitable for machining shaper, groove and dovetail surface. Also,the shaper machine can be used for machining the forming surface.