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Shaper Machine BC635A

ModelBC635A Shaper Machine
Maximum cutting length(mm)350
Maximum distance from ram bottom to table surface(mm)330
Maximum table horizontal travel(mm)400
Maximum table vertical travel(mm)270

Leading surface of the planer to bed out of the maximum distance


The maximum displacement of the ram

Maximum turning angle of the worktable(no vice)±90°

Maximum turning angle of the worktable(vice)


The turret maximum vertical travel


Number of ram strokes per minute (NO/min)

The ram back and forth a table feed amountWheeled round a tooth(vertical)0.18
Wheeled round a tooth(horizontal 0.21
Wheel rotation 4 tooth(vertical)0.73
Wheel rotation 4 tooth(vertical)0.84
Motor  Power1.5kw  1400r/min
Package Size  (mm)1530×930×1370

Product Advantage

  • Metal shaper machine
  • BC635A shaper machine is used in a variety of flat planing and molding surface
  • BC635A shaper machine is high precision
  • BC635A shaper machine is easy to be operated