Is it wrong for us to make a universal milling machine for the customer?
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Serving customers in Africa

In order to give customers a satisfactory answer, Our three engineers rushed to Africa to provide technical services to customers.Engineers arrived in Africa by the warm hospitality of African customers, and take the initiative to arrange accommodation for us.

The next morning, we rushed to the customer’s factory began our service work. We first understand the customer’s basic situation and technical level, found that African friends on the universal milling machine to understand very little. We start with the most basic start with the staff, from the correct use of tools to identify the drawings and understand the mechanical installation process requirements. After seven days of basic training, so that employees have the most basic understanding of the milling machine.

Starting from the second week, we introduced to the customer what is the universal milling machine, the difference with other machine tool and how to distinguish between vertical milling machines, universal milling machines, turret milling machines, lift milling machines. And then led them to gradually mastered the milling machine assembly steps and precautions.

We work with our employees every day and live together to build a deep friendship with each other. Will be every detail without reservation to the staff to guide. African friends are very smart and very hard, and soon mastered some basic skills and in accordance with our request to start some installation work.

After sixty days of work together, African friends mastered a lot of knowledge of the milling machine, but also to complete the installation of the universal milling machine.

To leave the time, African friends for us organized a cultural event farewell to us, we and African friends reluctantly, farewell to each other. We have successfully completed this work on the universal milling machine, everyone is sincerely happy. This service has been recognized by African customers, for our future cooperation has laid a good foundation. Engineers triumphant return!