Is it wrong for us to make a universal milling machine for the customer?

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Is it wrong for us to make a universal milling machine for the customer?

This is what happened.In 2015, our company responded to the national call to receive a number of projects to The Belt and Roadsupport Africa, our company is responsible for providing 120 milling machines. We according to customer requirements on time delivery to customers X6132 universal milling machine. X6132 is known as universal milling machine, because this machine in the 1950s into China when the production is called universal milling machine.

The figure is using the universal milling machine as a keyword Google search out of the milling machine picture.

African customers use the same method, the same product picture found our company. We provide our customers with the machine tool images and parameters to provide them with the universal milling machine products they want.

The customer said:”What do we buy the universal milling machine is not what we want?”

We said: “These are produced in accordance with the information provided by you, and are in full compliance with the contract requirements.” You are also in accordance with the contract to accept .Why are we doing something wrong? “

The customer said: “What do you offer us is not a universal milling machine, why is it only a horizontal milling function without a vertical milling function? Did you give us a mistake?”

The customer said:”We want to return.”

We said: “We are in full accordance with the contract produced without error ah!

The customer said:”What we want is universal milling machines that are not horizontal milling machines.”

After several exchanges between the two sides is difficult to reach a consensus. In order to give customers a satisfactory answer, we decided to send technical staff rushed to Africa, to the scene to see how the matter in the end. No matter what the problem first to solve the customer’s problem is the best way. So we immediately sent to Africa. After understanding, we learned that because customers want to process a lot of special-shaped parts need to purchase universal milling machine. And only the universal milling machine can solve the customer’s practical problems.

After in-depth communication we found that because some of the different names on the milling machine, the understanding of the milling machine will be different. X6132 type milling machine is called universal milling machine, because this milling machine need to install special accessories can be achieved vertical milling function. Because this milling machine table can be rotated 45 degrees, after the installation of dividing the head and other special accessories can be processed after some of the spline shaft, shaft and some other parts. Because the customer in the purchase of machine tools that the annex should be accompanied by the annex. This African customer previously did not understand the machine and was the first to cooperate.

We uphold the concept of friendly cooperation and finally reach an agreement. Customers pay the annex payment, and we free to Africa to the customer to install and debug. Although we paid more costs, but the problem was finally resolved, the customer is very satisfied. And to my company to purchase the universal milling machine. This true story tells us that in the procurement of machinery, the two sides must communicate clearly, the production enterprises to clearly understand the use of the requirements of customers, the use of purpose, only in order to allow both sides to be satisfied.