Heat treatment of quenching, tempering
Knee Type Milling Machine X5032
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Horizontal milling machine X6132

Product Description
multi-function horizontal milling cutter milling machine x6132
I.  Adopt rectangular guideway, good stability
2. Tble and guideway are dealt by supersonic frequency quenching .
3. X,Y,Z are driven by gear, automatical feed.
4. The table can swivel +-45°.
Machine Specification 
Spindle TaperISO 50
Worktable Size(mm)1320X320
MAX Manual Worktable Travel (L/ H/ V)(mm)700/255/320
MAX Automatic Worktable Travel (L/ H/ V)(mm)680/240/300
Worktable T-Slot (nunmber/width/distance)(mm)3/18/70
Swivel Angle of Worktable±45
Spindle to Worktable(mm)30-350
Spindle Center to Ram (mm)155
Spindle Speed Range(r.p.m)30-1500
Spindel Sleeve Travel(mm)105
Max Load (Kg)500
Main Motor(Kw)7.5
Power Feed Motor(Kw)1.5
Coolant Pump Motor(w)125
Range of Table Power Feed (18steps) (L/H/V)(mm/min)23.5-1180/ 15-786/ 8-394
Speed of Table Rapid Traveling (mm/min)2300/1533/770
Overall Dimension(mm)2294×1770×1665