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Milling machine Type

1. Bech type milling machines: used for milling instruments, meters and other small parts’s small milling machine .

2. Cantilever-type milling machines: milling head mounted on cantilever milling machine ,bed horizontal, usually along the bed of the cantilever column for vertical movement on one side, mill head moves along the cantilever Guideway.

3.Ram-type milling machine: spindle mounted on the RAM and milling machines, bed horizontal , RAM can be moved along a slippery saddle Rails sideways, sliding saddles along the column vertically.

4.Planer-type milling machines: bed horizontal , each side column and connecting beams of gantry milling machine. Milling head mounted on beams and columns, and moves along the guideway. Usually beams can move along the column vertical table along the guideway can be moved longitudinally. For heavy processing.

5.Plane Milling: used for milling and molding of milling machines, bed horizontal , usually work table longitudinal movement along the guideway and spindle axial movement. It has a simple structure, high production efficiency.

6.Copy milling machine: the workpiece profile machining of milling machines. Generally used for machining of complex shaped workpiece.

7.Knee Type Milling Machine

8.Rocker milling machine: rocker arm mounted on top of the bed, milling head is mounted on one end of the rocker arm and rocker arm rotating and moving in the horizontal plane and milling head in the rocker arm on the end of a rotation angle of milling machines.

9.Bed type milling machines: Worktable cannot lift, along the guideway can be moved longitudinally, or pillar can be used for vertical moved milling machine milling head.