Universal Lathe Machine CQ6230A
Universal Lathe Machine CQ6236
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Universal Lathe Machine CQ6240-1

Technical parameters:

Swing over bedΦ360mm(14 11/64")Φ400mm(15 3/4")
Swing over cross slideΦ210mm(8 1/4")Φ250mm(10")
Swing in gap(D×W)480mm×100mm520mm×100mm
Height of center180mm(7 3/32")200mm(7 7/8")
Distance between centers1015mm1015mm
Width of bed218mm(8 9/16")218mm(8 9/16")
Max. section of cutting tool20mm×20mm20mm×20mm
Total travel of cross slide230mm230mm
Total travel of top slide120mm120mm
Spindle boreΦ52mm(2 3/64")Φ52mm(2 3/64")
Spindle noseD5D5
Spindle morse taper in nose,in sleeveM.T.#6/M.T.#4M.T.#6/M.T.#4
Spindle speeds number2×9 (18)2×9 (18)
Spindle speeds range65-1800 R.P.M65-1800 R.P.M
Leadscrew diameter&thread24mm×4 T.P.I or pitch 6mm24mm×4 T.P.I or pitch 6mm
Threads imperial pithches4-60 T.P.I4-60 T.P.I
Threads metric pithches0.4-7mm0.4-7mm
Longitudinal feeds(imperial/metric)0.0021"-0.0508"/0.0527mm-1.2912mm0.0021"-0.0508"/0.0527mm-1.2912mm
Cross feeds(imperial/metric)0.00043"-0.0109"/0.011mm-0.276mm0.00043"-0.0109"/0.011mm-0.276mm
Total travel of tailstock quill110mm110mm
Tails stock quillΦ52mm(2 1/64")Φ52mm(2 1/64")
Taper tailstock quillM.T.#4M.T.#4
Spindle drive motor2.0HP2.0HP
Coolant pump motor4/75HP(40W)4/75HP(40W)
Machine dimensionoverall package 1830mm×770mm×1280mm
split package 1830mm×770mm×680mm
Overall package 1830mm×770mm×1300mm?
split package 1830mm×770mm×700mm
Packing dimensionoverall package 1940mm×890mm×1545mm?
split package 1940mm×890mm×1045mm
overall package 1940mm×890mm×1545mm?
split package 1940mm×890mm×1045mm
N.Woverall package 680KG
split package 600KG
overall package 760KG
split package 670KG
G.Woverall package 790KG
split package 700KG
Lathe Machine Accessories:

Optional equipment & accessories:
·Steady Rest·Leadscrew Guard
·Follow Rest·Clutch for Feed Rod
·Face plate·Taper Turning Attachment
·Drill Chuck M.T.#4·4 Jaw Independent Chuck & Back Plate
·Rolling Centres·The Main Motor Stepless Speed Regulation
·Coolant System·Quick Change Tool post 
·Digital Readout(2 Axis)·Chuck Cover 
·Digital Readout(3 Axis)·Work Light 
·Foot Brake System·Localizer