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Features of horizontal milling machine

Horizontal milling machine with good quality, easy operation and reliable performance. Horizontal milling machines are available various cylindrical milling cutter, round milling cutter, angle milling cutters, form milling cutters and end milling produce flat, incline, grooves, etc. If you use appropriate milling accessories, machining gears, cams, arc-shaped Groove and special shaped parts such as helicoid, configure the universal milling head, a round table, indexing head milling machine attachments, after adopting the boring bar for medium and small hole machining parts. Add vertical milling head, available end milling cutter for cutting (milling heads for special accessories) can further expand the scope of machine tools. This machine suitable for all kinds of mechanical processing industry.

Structural characteristics
1.Bed milling machine parts used to fix and bearing. On top of horizontal rails for its beam moves. Front wall has a notched vertical guides for lift tables move up and down. Equipped with main motor, spindle speed, spindle, electrical equipment and oil pump and other components.

2.Equipped with a hanger at the beam end, to support the Arbor to reduce bending and vibration of the tool bar. Beam can move along the horizontal rails of the bed and adjust its length by the cutter bar length.

3.Spindle is used to install the tool bar and drive the milling cutter rotation. Shaft is a hollow shaft, front with 7:24 of the precise cone hole, whose role is to install the cutter Rod taper shank.

4.Vertical table consists of vertical screw drive on the turntable Rails for vertical to better promote the longitudinal feed of the workpiece on the table. Table t-slot for the installation of the fixture or the workpiece.

5.Landscape table located in the lifting table top horizontal rail can drive vertical work table transverse feed together.

6.Table longitudinal working table in horizontal plane pull may be turning angle (both positive and negative for 0~45o) for milling helical grooves. Horizontal milling machine called the universal milling machine with the turntable.

7.Lifts can lead the entire table moves along the vertical rail of the bed up and down to adjust the distance between workpiece and cutter and vertical feed.

8.Base to support the body and lift, to hold the cutting fluid.