Knee Type Milling Machine X36BA
Knee Type Milling Machine X5036A
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Knee Type Milling Machine X36B

High Precision 3-axis HT200 Cast Iron Milling Machine With Patent X36B China

Milling vertical shaft inner cone holeISO40
Difference from spindle axis to guideway(mm)405
Slotting maximum traveling range (mm)105
Inserts works as extreme breadth16
Slotting stroke number of times (/minute)≤80
Stroke number of times and transformation progression with variable speed and milling horizontalaxis series are the same
Horizontal axis turningpositive rotation
Tool rest rotation angle (°)±90
Slotting tool cutter bar center to milling machine guide rail distance525
Horizontal axis center altitude0-480
Table size(mm)360*1500
Table travel(mm)900*250
Overall dimensions(mm)2300*2000*2000
Main electrical machinery (kw)4KW
Feeding motor(kw)1.5KW
Feeding speed30、55、100 190、350、630 2000
Spindle speed60-1800


CE standard electric part
Operating handle can achieve rapid feed feed, and stop function

Standard accessories

Milling Chuck
Milling Vice
Milling Chuck
Small Crank
Drilling Chuck
Stone Bolt
Big Crank

Optional accessories

Rotary Table
Milling Plug
Boring Device
Clamp Kit
Reducing Sleeve

High Precision 3-axis HT200 Cast Iron Milling Machine With Patent X36B China

1.Simple Introduction

X36B is a vertical-horizontal milling machine, vertical milling head is a patented milling head contains slotting head function, is a multi-purpose machines, the feed system for three-axis automatic feed, torque power strong, three-axis guideways hardened.

2.Product Advantage

  • Multifunctional plug, patented products
  • High –power power feed
  • Square guideway, hardened treatment