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Horizontal Milling Machine X6132

X Y Z metal machining process horizontal milling machine X6132

Spindle TaperISO 50
Worktable Size(mm)1320X320
MAX Manual Worktable Travel (L/ H/ V)(mm)700/255/320
MAX Automatic Worktable Travel (L/ H/ V)(mm)680/240/300
Worktable T-Slot (nunmber/width/distance)(mm)3/18/70
Swivel Angle of Worktable±45
Spindle to Worktable(mm)30—350
Spindle Center to Ram (mm)155
Spindle Speed Range(r.p.m)30-1500
Spindel Sleeve Travel(mm)105
Max Load (Kg)500
Main Motor(Kw)7.5
Power Feed Motor(Kw)1.5
Coolant Pump Motor(w)125
Range of Table Power Feed (18steps) (L/H/V)(mm/min)23.5—1180/ 15-786/ 8—394
Speed of Table Rapid Traveling (mm/min)2300/1533/770
Overall Dimension(mm)2294×1770×1665


Horizontal milling change speed
Automatic feed change speed operation
Automatic feeding operation ( X Y Z)

Standard accessories

Milling Chuck
Milling Chuck
Small Crank

Optional accessories

Rotary Table
Clamp Kit
Diviing Head

X Y Z metal machining process horizontal milling machine X6132

1.Simple Introduction

X6132 horizontal milling machine is a horizontal type milling machine.It is the most common representative one,it is also commonly referred to x62w, x6132 universal milling machine , widely applied in industrial manufacturing. X6132 horizontal milling machine is a general-purpose machine that can be used to process the work plane, bevel and groove, etc., fitted with dividing head can also Qiezhi gear and helical milling surface, if you can put on a round table and milling cam arcuate slot.

2.Product Advantage

  • Flexible processing, easy to change speed, safe
  • Hardened on x, y, z axis,Rectangular guideway, stable, good rigidity.
  • Gear drive, high processing power ,automatical feed . Table can swivel 45°, Multi-angle processing.
  • 3.Application areas

    Factories, Machinery processing, Auto parts, Electronics manufacturing, Shipbuilding, Mold manufacturing, Aerospace industry

    4.The main structure

    By the bed, spindle, base, cantilever, arbor bracket, lifts, lateral slide board, table, back wheel and other components.