The universal milling machine construction

The universal milling machine construction

02 Sep 2017

Universal milling machine is universal metal cutting machine. Now let me introduce metal universal mill machine LM1450C produced by DXMC.

It is constructed of pose part, lift part, working platform, base part, slide part, the head part, electronics and painting.

universal milling machine

The functions are:

1.Pose part: there are 7.5KW motor, making spindle turning in high speed by gear forwarding( with the gears changing to 12 kinds of speed), and the knife been hold in the front end of spindle through the handle, then cutting the metal.

The upper end 55 degree of swallowtail apt with slide , the lower end connected with base, the front end to lift the slide base (this model is heavy machine so it is heavy power cutting machine, DXMC using square swallowtail for this position to increase the rigidity meanwhile increase the stability of machine).

2.Lifting part: as mentioned in figure 1. This part controlling the working platform moving left to right. The right side own a case, the case let the metal body automatic moving fast (the speed is adjusted by need).

3.Working platform: apt with lifting by square swallowtail, the main function is fixing project, then by up-down, left-right moving to cut the project.The working place can also move from left to right by controlling the hand wheel. This module can move +/-45 degree horizontally to increase the working area.

4.Base part: main function is loading pose, fix machine.

5.Slide part: cooperating with pose by 55 degree swallowtail , through gear moving making the spindle turning in high speed, the knife in front of the axle cutting metal. The slide part moving to increase the processing area.

6.Head part: there are 2 parts, one is elephant head, the other is elephant neck. The elephant head can be turn +/- 90 degree, the elephant neck can be turn +/- 90 degree, this deduces the machine processing restriction, and increasing the area of processing. (The normal universal mill machine contains lubricant with lubricant resin, but when the spindle turning in high speed, making high temperature, at this time, the lubricant can not decrease the temperature. For this reason, DXMC universal milling machine manufacturer in China is focused on this issue to delete this fault, using high quality lubricant and increasing the usage life of head.)

7.Electronics:it is the inner electrical line.

8.Painting:for handle wheel and protection.