The most important point to be noted when using a turret milling machine

The most important point to be noted when using a turret milling machine

03 Sep 2017

The rocker arm of the rocker milling machine is mounted on the top of the bed, and the milling head is mounted on the rocker arm and the rocker arm can be rotated and moved in the horizontal plane. This kind of milling machine is also called the turret milling machine. With the development of turret mill machine, it gradually formed a series, such as: No. 3, No. 4, No. 5 milling machine.No.7 milling machine gradually into a bed-type machine tool.

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The turret miller is inseparable from the Taiwan milling head part, which is the main feature of this type of milling machine. Why? Because thIS milling head of high precision, high speed and economical and durable. However, this type of milling machine is most suitable for mold manufacturing, maintenance and teaching, does not apply to some factories and some professional parts manufacturing enterprises. Because of its full milling head function, you can milling, drilling, tapping, can also be automatically fed.

Because it is a belt drive, so the torque of the milling head is very small. Enterprises can also be based on the needs of customers to install CNC milling head to achieve economic CNC, this CNC is most suitable for some early use of entrepreneurs, the economy is convenient and functional. This kind of mill head maintenance is also very convenient, the workpiece interchangeable and easy to install.

This kind of mill machine automatic feeding system part of the gear part of the small modulus, torque is also very small, it is recommended that this machine tool do not use too much feed, otherwise it is easy to damage. This is what we need to remember.