The first vertical milling machine

The first vertical milling machine

04 Sep 2017

X5032 vertical milling machine is a powerful metal cutting machine, with rigidity, feeding a wide speed range, able to withstand heavy chip. Spindle taper directly or install a variety of cylindrical cutter, wafer cutter, molding cutters, end mills and other tools through accessories, suitable for processing various parts of the plane, bevel, groove, hole, the machinery manufacturing, molds, instruments, meters, automobiles, motorcycles and other sectors of the ideal processing equipment.

Main structure featurers:

1.Chassis, body , table, the slide, lift slide, headstock and other major components are made of high strength material casting, and artificial aging treatment, to ensure long-term stability of the vertical mill machine used.

2.Vertical milling machine head can be rotation adjustment ± 45° in a vertical plane along the reverse, to expand the scope of the machining; spindle bearing for tapered roller bearings, bearing capacity, and the spindle dynamic braking, brake torque, stop fast and reliable.

3.Table X/Y/Z directions has manual feed, feed motor and motor Fast forward three kinds, the feed rate to meet different processing requirements; rapid feed allows workpieces.Quickly reach the processing position, processing convenient, reduce non-productive time.

4.X, Y, Z three directions guide rail by super audio hardening, precision grinding and scraping treatment, with forced lubrication, improve accuracy and prolong the service life of the vertical mill machine tool.

milling machine

Knee type milling machine X5032

5.Lubricating device can vertical, horizontal, vertical screw and guide were forced lubrication, reducing tool wear, to ensure the efficient operation of the universal milling machine equipment; at the same time, the cooling system to change the size of the coolant flow rate by adjusting the nozzle to meet different processing needs.

6.Ergonomic machine design, easy to operate; use the operator panel Symbols design, simple and intuitive.