The composition of universal milling machine CNC system ( Part 1)

The composition of universal milling machine CNC system ( Part 1)

06 Apr 2018

Universal milling machine is also known as CNC universal milling machine, machining center. The name is different, but the machine is the same, the function is the same. Today we count its composition.

(1) The composition of CNC universal milling machine

CNC milling machine is the main use of milling processing parts of the universal milling machine, to complete a variety of plane, groove, spiral groove, forming surface, plane curve, space curve and other complex processing. The machining center is mainly used for the processing of box type and complex surface parts. It can concentrate milling, boring, drilling, threading and other functions on a single device. Because it has a variety of tool changer or tool selection function and automatic table exchange device (APC), so the parts can be automatically completed in a single folder or close to complete all parts of the processing process, greatly improving the production efficiency.

CNC universal milling machine by the control medium, human-computer interaction equipment, computer numerical control (CNC) device, feed servo system, spindle drive system, auxiliary control device, programmable controller (PLC), feedback system, adaptive control and machine body part of the composition, as shown.

① control medium

To control milling machine, it is necessary to establish a connection between man and milling machine, the intermediate medium of this connection is the control medium, also known as the information carrier. In the use of universal milling machine before, first according to the requirements of drawing the specified dimensions, shapes and techniques, compile program parts, the parts of the machine tool and the tool relative to the position of all the action sequence according to the format and code specified records on the information carrier. When machining the part on the universal milling machine, the information stored on the information carrier (the processing program of the parts) is read into the computer control device.

universal milling machine

② human-computer interaction equipment

Universal milling machine in the processing run, usually requires the operator to the state of the CNC system intervention and the processing of the input process to edit, modify and debug, CNC system also shows the machine running status, etc., which requires universal milling machine to have man-machine contact function. Equipment with man-machine contact function is called human-computer interaction equipment. Such as keyboard and display is an indispensable human-computer interaction device.

③ computer numerical control (CNC) device

The numerical control device is the center of the universal milling machine. At present, most of the universal milling machine using microcomputer control, as shown. The numerical control device is composed of the operator, the controller (CPU and the controller), the memory, the input / output interface and so on.

The input interface receives the code information input by the control medium input device, passes through the identification and decoding, and sends it to the designated storage area as the original data of the control and operation. The simple machining program can be entered in manual data input mode (MDI), that is, under the control of the keyboard control program, the operator directly uses the keyboard to enter the part program into the memory.

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