The classification of universal milling machine milling cutter

The classification of universal milling machine milling cutter

10 Sep 2017

Today we are going to talk about milling cutters for universal milling machine. Milling cutter is mainly used for processing plane, steps, grooves, forming the surface and cut the workpiece and so on. The milling cutter of universal mill machine is divided by the use, mainly has the following several kinds:

1.Cylindrical milling cutter: used in horizontal universal milling machine to process the plane. The cutter teeth are distributed on the circumference of the mill cutter and are divided into two kinds of straight teeth and spiral teeth according to their teeth shapes. According to the number of teeth, coarse teeth and two kinds of fine teeth. The spiral tooth coarse tooth milling cutter has few teeth, high strength of the cutter tooth and large chip holding capacity, and is suitable for rough machining; the fine tooth milling cutter is suitable for fine machining.

universal milling machine

2.Surface milling cutter: used in vertical milling machine, end milling machine or gantry milling machine. The end face and circumference have knife teeth, and also have coarse teeth and fine teeth.

3.Vertical milling cutter: used for machining grooves and step surfaces, etc., the cutter teeth are on the circumference and the end face, and can not feed along the axial direction when they are working. When the end mill passes through the center end teeth, it can be axially fed.

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4.Three face milling cutter: it is used to process all kinds of grooves and step surfaces, and the two sides and the circumference are provided with cutter teeth.

5.Angle milling cutter: used for milling into a certain angle of the groove, there are two kinds of single angle and double angle mill cutter.

6.Saw blade milling cutter: used for machining deep groove and cutting workpiece, have more cutter tooth on the circumference. In order to reduce the friction between milling and cutting, both sides of the cutter tooth have a 15 ~1 angle vice angle.

In addition, there are keyway cutter, dovetail slot cutter, T-slot cutter and a variety of mill cutter and so on.

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Universal milling machine milling structure is divided into four kinds.

1.integral type: the cutter body and the cutter tooth are made into a whole.

2.whole welding tooth type: cutter tooth with carbide or other wear-resistant tool – made of materials, and brazed on the knife body.

3.insert type: the cutter tooth is fastened with the mechanical fastening method on the cutter body. The replaceable cutter tooth can be the cutter head of the whole cutter material, or the cutter head of the welding tool material. The cutter head is mounted on the cutter body and the grinding cutter is called an internal grinding type; the cutter head is individually worn on the fixture and is called external grinding type.

4.indexable type: this kind of structure has been widely used in face milling cutters, end mills and three edged cutters.

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